Can you create your own internship?

When my daughters were in college, their obsession was resume building by getting internships. But what if you cannot get one? Can you create your own internship? Better yet, can you MAKE MONEY ON YOUR OWN INTERNSHIP?

Hell yea!!

First, let’s look at what an internship is.

Why do employers care about internships? Because unlike college degrees which are just about test taking, in an internship you have to do something. It is not a test it is job experience.

Remember the dilemma, “you need experience to get a job and a job to get experience?”

This is what an internship is.

Indeed: 10 great resume skills.

Some examples of internships.

Both of my daughters had multiple internships, but their colleges sponsored internships. That meant they were paid by the college if the internship was a no compensation deal. (As most are)

My oldest daughter had two, one for signing up bands for a record label and the other organizing and running art gallery events.

These are serious internships and landed her top jobs.

My youngest daughters was a study on health care distribution in Boston that landed her a job in the health care industry.

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Are there other internships?

Yes, and they require you think like an employer. Why would you pick a particular candidate based on an internship?

It is not as complicated as you might think.

I had a friend in college that did his masters thesis in Geology on the Medina Sandstone. The Medina Sandstone is a famous stone mined in western New York and used for many buildings, bridges, and roadways between 1800 and 1940. In fact, it was used in the Erie canal.

But it was also a reservoir rock for the petroleum industry. He was hired by a major oil company to work on reservoirs like the Media.

Now, back to creating your own internship.

What are the advantages to creating an internship?

You can target it to the career you want.

If you looked at my daughters’ internships, their jobs were purely random. Why? Because they chose the internships based on what was available.

If you want to be in creative at an ad agency, why not do your internship on the effect of various graphics on viewer responses?Another take on creating an internship from

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